etta cetera




gets her blog

wine reviews :)

next up:  NORTON Reserva Maldec 2005 Mendoza ARGENTINA


i love process and layers--will put more poems, art and blogs up later.

that's the plan! :)

you can find a few on my other blog at might have to dig down for the poems.

one of my daughters named me "mumicimo" so that's how it first led to the name on myspace. 

maybe i'm not like other moms, but who is. 

when i write, it feels as if i'm just transcribing from what is poured out for me.  

frankly, i imagine i am compelled.

kindness is not weakness.  let's coexist.



Boudicca, Queen of the Icini...i've enhanced a photo of the famous British monument.  this version is called "easter boudicca"  :)


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